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In our opinion (and in the opinion of many others) the curriculum for black history taught in UK schools is substandard and leaves a lot to be desired. As a result of this we have developed our own curriculum detailed below.

In our course there will also be a strong focus on Black British History, and we will examine the black Tudors, the Windrush, the origins of the Notting Hill Carnival and the UK Civil rights movement. We will also look at events such as the New Cross Fire, the Bristol bus boycott, the Brixton Riots and Black Pound Day.

Students will learn about the ancient black civilisations of Africa (Ancient Ghana, Mali, Songhai Empire, Kush, Axum the Swahil & more). We will examine the contributions that members of the black community have made in Science & Technology, art, music and in sociology and politics.

We will cover colonialism & neo-colonialism and its impacts on the African diaspora today. Students will also learn about ancient and traditional religions of Africa; we will study Judaism, Christianity, Islam, & Buddhism in Black World. We will also cover Rastafari, Nation of Islam and Black Liberation Theology.

We are also produce learning resources, and our content has been downloaded over 500,000 times in our Soaring Stars Education TES store. In October 2021 we launched a new project, and produce many learning materials and resources centred around black history which can be downloaded for free or at low cost. Please check them out here, like share and subscribe as we are constantly adding new materials.

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