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Welcome to the Soaring Stars Education blog. Check here for the latest news, information, articles and tips on all things education and what you can do to help your child achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.

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Emancipation Day 2022

What is Emancipation Day? Emancipation Day is the day when the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 became law across the British Empire,...

BHM roundup

Here at Soaring Stars Education, we love Black History Month and half term provided the perfect time for us to take out some time from...

Book Club Relaunch!

We have some exciting news; We’ll be re-launching our book club in November! Details below Why is reading important? Reading has...

Saturday School Update

As many of you now know we have had to delay the beginning of the Saturday school as there quite a few changes in terms of the logistics...

Schools Lockdown Appeal

With the new National lockdown and schools being shut and the government instructing most schools and educational institutions that they...

Kwanzaa Explained; for Kids

Many of our students have been asking us about Kwanzaa these past couple days, so we thought we would share this fun & friendly video...

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