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2022 Ofqual GCSE & A-Level Exams Update

The exams regulator Ofqual have released a stamen today concerning exams in 2022. I’ll summarise the main adaptations here, but for a more in depth analysis please see the governments website here

· The government has introduced a choice of topics or content in some GCSE exams (meaning you won’t need to study the whole syllabus as you normally do, only a subset of it).

· Exam boards will give advance information about the focus of the content of exams (meaning they’ll potentially tell you what topics will come up in the exams).

· Study aids will be allowed into some exams (meaning you may be able to bring some notes with you).

This is an ongoing issue and we at Soaring Stars Education will be keeping a keen eye on it and keeping you updated best we can. If you have any questions on how your child may be affected and what those changes mean, please contact us now for a consultation or a quick chat.

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