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A brave new World

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Schools, closed. Exams, cancelled. Your children will be stuck at home. Not to mention the almost inevitability that there will be a second wave & schools may need to close again soon. What they do will be up to you. Will they spend this time playing computer games & turning into a couch potato or will they spend it being educated and pulling ahead of their peers who may be overindulging in the former?

Learning does not need to stop just because school has. There are multitudes of different ways in which studies can continue, and the Internet has made that easier than ever. Lets explore.

Online tuition; the game changer

Worldwide school closures and exam cancellation are unprecedented in this day and age. Children are worried about exam results, others are thinking of ways to beat the summer & covid brain drain, whilst some lack the social interactions and the routine that comes along with being in an institution. Learning online with a tutor can help reduce some of these anxieties and concerns.

Being away from school for such a long time can and will take some getting used to. Busy households, ennui and confinement can lead to a lack of motivation a lack of sense of purpose. Setting up a schedule, turning an area into an ultimate learning zone and learning online can help to reverse some of the negative effects of the lockdown and really help cultivate a healthy mindset and attitude to boost their progress.

Why learning online works

Leaning online is new to many parents and students (and even some educators). Having spent many years in both a physical classroom, and teaching online, I know that online tuition offers the same opportunities to create a rapport with their students, impart their knowledge, and see their students make real progress.

Younger audiences, who tend to be proficient in using technology are often able to engage with and transition to online learning very well. We can communicate with them using apps, games, videos, powerpoints and interactive whiteboards, and online worksheets. This added use of technology allows students to learn with different mediums and we can focus on their learning style, tailoring our resources and tools to make sure we can optimise their learning and give them the best learning experience .

Online tuition also allows us to connect with our students anywhere in the country (or the world). Often, during the summer holidays families will travel abroad and this used to make it impossible for tuition to continue. With the advent and proliferation of online tuition and fast internet speeds, students can still keep ahead of their studies, enjoy a well earned break and truly get the best of both worlds.

Do you think your child may benefit from online tuition? Why not book in a no obligation trial session with me to see how it works. Contact me now to book, and lets find out how I can help your child reach their full potential from the comfort of their own home.

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