A new story begins; Soaring Stars Education Book Club launch

We have some exciting news; We’ll be launching our book club next month (February)!

The book club will be £15 a month and include the following;

· A copy of the book we read for you to keep forever

· Assignments, essays and writing activities

· Managed online forum and discussion boards for students

· Online community

· Monthly live group discussion via zoom on the last Sunday of the month

· Interviews of authors (where possible)

· Access to our podcast

· Suggested & recommended reading list for outside of the book club

· Trips (when this becomes safe & possible)

We have carefully selected and curated a list of books for our students to read. To get on our reading list books will generally need to fall under one of three categories;

(a) Books that focus on some sort of personal development (i.e. financial literacy, developing morality, philosophy, etc),

(b) Biographies and autobiographies of people who have led interesting or successful lives that we would like our students to learn about

(c) Books by black authors.

The first book we will be reading (February) will be The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clayson. It is a book which discusses financial advice and money management in a series of parables, so is easily accessible for learners of all ages.

To sign up to our book club click here, & If you have any suggestions or books you would like you think would make great additions please share them with us in the comments!

Thanks in advance

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