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Exclusive: Spoken Word

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

As some of you know, outside of teaching and tuition I’m an author, I write poetry and perform spoken word. I’ve not posted any of my works on here as of yet, but last night I was feeling inspired and wrote a new piece and have decided to break which you can find attached below.

Any thoughts, deliberations and options are welcome. Looking forward to performing this live (amongst many others). I’ll be releasing my second poetry collection shortly so watch this space. For more information on my extra curricular activities contact me directly on Instagram here @pioustobias. Peace & Love.

If education is the key

Then societies the lock

But information isn’t free

Or is it? Maybe, maybe not

I want to be a Soaring Star

To rise; do eagles fly in flocks?

It should come as no surprise

I’m between a hard place and a rock

I’m black, I live in the UK

We face racism every day

Stop and search

By the police

It’s like a curse

It hurts, its deep

I’m losing sleep; when I turn on the news

It fills me up with rage

To see our people disrespected

Violated, tired, plagued

Each and every single day

Black lives matter so they say

But actions speak louder than words

And empty talk gets on my nerves

You can find me in the whirlwind

I have a dream; by any means

Walking in the footsteps of my heroes

Struggles in my genes

Some say troubles in my genes

My blood, my dark skin and my brain

Flowing through my arteries

Traversing through my veins

If societies the lock

Then education is the key

I’m the pillar, I’m the rock

I’m a teacher, lean on me

Maths & Physics, chemistry

Economics, black history

If education is the key

I’ll be the one to set you free

You can find out more about our Saturday School, launching September 12th here

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