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How to make Online tuition WORK

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

How does it work? What does it involve? Can my child really learn here?

I often get asked by parents how online learning works. Today we’re taking a deep dive into the specifics of what online tuition really involves and I’ll be taking you on a tour of how I conduct my lessons.

How online tuition works

I have been using tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and other platforms for many years now to teach online, and having conducted lessons on a one-to-one basis in person for almost a decade, I have full confidence in my ability to teach students online, deliver engaging lessons and help them get excellent results.

When your child logs in to my online classroom, I’ll be waiting all set to go with all my documents and resources loaded and an array of tools to help the lesson get started. Your child can speak to me in real-time by using the video and audio functions, encouraging the use of conversation, body language and hand gestures to build an immersive relationship and aid communication.

We can use the live chat functions to give clear instructions. We can also share additional resources and files through the document share function, ensuring your child can fully understand the tasks of the lesson and have access to all the materials that they will need in order succeed.

I also use an interactive whiteboard, screen-sharing and a range of drawing tools to explain, work out and describe what I am talking about, just like I would in an actual physical classroom. From diagrams, to worked solutions to highlighting, the two-way canvas allows for clarity during the lesson, and I can also send it over as a downloadable pdf so your child can access it after the lesson to revise and familiarise themselves with the content of the lesson.

Payments are simple. After each lesson a cashless and convenient payment is taken, allowing you to focus on learning rather than worrying about money.

Why not book in a no obligation trial session with me to see how it works in action. Contact me now to book, and lets find out how I can help your child reach their full potential from the comfort of their own home.

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