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My Top 5 best learning resources for home learning

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Learning at home is the new normal. We’ve all had to get used to it, but things may have changed significantly since you were at school. No more consulting your logarithm tables and memorising all the trig tables for all values. Even the traditional textbook is becoming less and less relevant in the age of computers, apps and high speed internet. Today we look at some of my top tools and resources learning as easy as possible at home.


Quizlet is an online flashcard resource that students can use to study, revise and gain mastery over that they are learning. You can create your own, or use one of the pre-created ones on the site which cover almost anything you could conceivably want to learn.

With the app you can:

· Get test ready with Learn

· Play learning games

· Race against the clock with times questions

· Share your flashcards with friends, classmates or students

· Study and revise for your exams, and much more


Fastpastpapers is an resource that does what it says on the tin. They supply you with a wide selection of past exam papers (along with mark schemes and the examiners report), within a few clicks. Although the exam boards do make available this information themselves, it can sometimes be tricky or time consuming navigating each of their individual websites to find it, and in addition they often remove old papers once they change the specifications which can reduce the number of papers available for students to practice on.

A great tool for students to use to test their knowledge and get an accurate reflection of what sort of level or grade they are working at, as well as an insight into what appears on the marking schemes and what the examiners are looking for.

Mathsgenie (Maths)

Mathsgenie is a GCSE and A-Level Maths revision tool which also includes past papers. What makes Mathsgenie stand out is the fact that they also offer topic papers in past paper style. Imagine you wanted to practice your algebra and get a good idea what sort of algebra questions may appear in your exam. Normally you would have to scour many individual papers to find them, however Mathsgenie will supply you with a paper only including the topics you have specified. Great for targeting areas you are weak on and examining your mastery over a particular topic.

FreeScienceLessons (Science)

FreeScienceLessons started off as a very popular youtube channel with videos on each and every single one of the parts of the syllabus covered in detail. Having received thousands of views and subscribers, they now offer many other services too. A great tool to use to focus on gaps in your knowledge, and also to revise areas you are familiar with already.

Seneca (English)

Seneca is one of the market leaders in terms of automated online learning providers. They cover many other subjects too, but their English tools are remarkable. The content is authored by senior examiners and exam boards specific content is created and delivered in Bitesize chunks in the form of videos, podcasts, GIFs, quizzes, interactive worksheets and much more.

Bonus: TES

There are also many others tools and places that you can use to find great teaching resources and tools. TES is a global network of over 100 million educators, students, parents and others in the education industry and has a well-established education store with over 900,000 teacher made resources. I operate my own e-commerce store on TES, with over 250 products which have been downloaded almost 500,000 times, so you can rest assured I know what I’m talking about when it comes to resources, homeschooling and education. Contact me now to find out more and see how I can help your child reach their full potential.

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