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Schools Lockdown Appeal

With the new National lockdown and schools being shut and the government instructing most schools and educational institutions that they must move to remote learning, we @soaringstarsedu know that this is going to have a huge impact in our children’s and young peoples lives. Unfortunately the impact of this is going to be a negative and detrimental one for many.

As a result, we are launching an initiative to help those who may be in need. We’re talking about the most marginalised and disadvantaged students. The ones who don’t even have access to technology such as a mobile phone or a computer to even contemplate engaging in online or remote learning. And with Libraries closed, families’ budgets strained due to Covid and a worsening economy things may get worse before they get better.

Our founder has a background in technology, and we’ll be asking you to donate your old tech to us to we can repair it, repurpose it, bring it back to life and give it to someone in need. Old mobile phones, old laptops, old ipads, old computers and things of that nature.

We’ll also be taking donations to help with parts for repairs, delivery, logistics etc. You can donate by clicking here.

We’ll be running free computer literacy classes to help those who cant get online. Many of the mobile operators here in the UK are also offering free or heavily discounted data packages for the most disadvantaged. You can find out more about that here. And lets help make learning from home work for as many as possible.

If you can to help, donate or get involved in another way please get in touch with us here, and lets help make learning from home work for as many as possible #ittakesavillage

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