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Store Update

We’re currently in the process of updating, revising and rebranding some of the more popular resources that we have in our store to support your child’s learning outside of the classroom. Three of our best sellers have gone through the process and are available now here, with more titles to be added soon.

Our Times Tables Funpack is an activity book containing 50 pages. Children must help Andre and Lola navigate through a myriad of challenges, games, puzzles, activities, questions and mysteries in order to complete. Suitable for children ages 7-11 and those working on mastering their times tables.

Our GCSE Maths Homework Booklet was one of best sellers. Suitable for students sitting both Higher and Foundation GCSE Maths, and Key Stage 3 students (Years 7-9) who need to be stretched and challenged. Total coverage of the specifications (OCR, AQA & Edexcel) and contains over 2000 questions & 140 pages. Topics include but are not limited to the following: Fractions, percentages, decimals, ratio, sequences, graphs, algebra, geometry, number, data handling and statistics.

Our Narrative Writing Exercise Booklet is an English and comprehension workbook suitable for children aged 7-12 focusing on creative and narrative writing. Includes sections on: story openers, what makes a good story, characterisation, planning, literary devices & techniques, story structure and more.

Also includes various exercises, structuring tools and guides, and tentative grading criteria (for the 11+ and other entrance exams) and over 15 titles for students to practice on.

At the moment they will all be digital resources in pdf format (for easy opening/printing). Please contact us here if you need your resource in another format (e.g. epub, .mobi, .azw etc) or if you need hard copies. We also have some Maths and Science video courses in the pipeline and some programming material coming soon so bookmark the shop & watch this space!

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