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Top 8 Tricks to get out of Doing Your Homework

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

As a student representative I’ve seen them all, and as a teacher I’ve heard them all. I know what works and what doesn’t. From the your average unimaginative excuse to the downright outrageous tales. In this article I share the my top 8 tricks to get away with not doing your homework in reverse order.

The computer ate my homework” – In this age of computer viruses, hackers and cloud storage, it may be easy to misplace a file. If your teacher doesn’t believe you, you could always just hand in your laptop and say it’s in there somewhere.

I was just about to do it, but then I came down with the flu…” Oldest one in the book. You had better have your doctors note ready…

I was absent when it was set” All the other students got it. It was emailed to me and posted on the VLE. You even reminded us to do it last lesson But I wasn’t present the actual day it was set…

I didn’t understand it, I tried but it was too hard so I gave up!” I was up all night trying to figure it out. It’s the thought that counts right.

“I was mugged on my way home by masked armed robbers” They left my mobile and my tablet, but took my homework. Perhaps the armed robbers forgot to do theirs too?

“I let someone copy it and they never gave it back.” One of my personal favourites. If you cant see what’s wrong with this one you need help…

“I thought it was due for next lesson” I had it all planned out and made arrangements to complete it tonight. Was that a pig that just flew by.

“Sir, I didn’t want you to have a heavy workload so I thought I’d do you a favour by not doing it” How considerate of you...

You didn’t seriously think I’d teach you the tricks to get away with not doing your homework did you? I’ve seen it all from I hope you found the list entertaining. At the end of the day, they’re just excuses. No matter how believable it sounds, you’ll know it’s an excuse and the chances are your teacher will too. At the end of the day only worthwhile action to take is to actually do it. It’s that simple.

The solution

If you’re having trouble with your homework or coursework seek assistance from your teacher or peers. If you still need help contact me now and I can help you understand, complete it, get it in on time and get an excellent grade.

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